BonfireniteBash‘N’Barbie11- minifest/art-event/firework-party @ the-67 -10th anniversary special - Sat. Nov.5th 2011; The Story;

3500+ global invites to watch it live on the internet from a roaming webcam or a security infra-red ip camera observing the main garden party area (which

had a built in microphone & audio output enabling global interaction with the event - anyone logging on could speak into their pc’s microphone and

the sound would come out of an amplified speaker embedded in the hedge – anyone at the party could speak to the person logged on from

anywhere in the world by shouting up at the camera)

Some of the more well known invitees included Ozzy osbourne, Iggy pop, Snoop Dogg, & Lady Gaga, the acts which played were; The Luise London Band, Gareth Mtchell, Natasha Singha, The Orchestra of Love & Redemption, The Guitarminator, Nigel Noize ft. Ron Brieffel,  & The Noizombies

It was the biggest & best one yet in terms of the set, creative action & number of punters, but it was also the most disasterous!

The bouncer turned up late, gatecrashers got in early on and the roaming webcam, a guest’s camcorder & the house keys were stolen.

The time taken to set everything up was badly misjudged and the support staff also came late so many of the cameras and screens

were not working and only about 80% of the garden shield (set up because at last year’s event the headline band was playing too late & too loud

& one of the band members got hit by an airgun pellet – the police were called etc. but the sniper was never caught so this year we decided to make

a shield) was completed before it became too busy & hectic to continue.

 At about 12:30pm the garden came under fire from a sniper with an air rifle somewhere in the flats on the notorious green man estate. Two guests

were hit (& later hospitalised to remove pellets) the police were called, statements taken & a manhunt is now proceeding.

About 2 hrs later there was a fight in the kitchen during which the main table got completely trashed, the bouncer removed the “drunken psycho” who started It. Minutes later he tried to get back in, when the bouncer prevented him he started shouting and tried to kick the front door down, he then found

several bin bags of rubbish, piled them up against the front door, then ripped out & broke the cable to the sky dish on the roof  & then scattered paper from

the recycling bin all over the front garden & into the street. During this time guests who wanted to leave were trapped – by the sniper still at large at the

back & the “drunken psycho” at the front – so the police were called again, but by the time they had arrived about an hour later the “drunken psycho” had gone.     At one point the front door was left wide open, a homeless gatecrasher got in raided the fridge, took a loo roll from the toilet then left.

Some of the stories we got from guests after the event;-  There was a gang bang in the designer bathroom-extravaganza upstairs (it was supposed to be

out of bounds! - We later found that the seat of the £700 mirror-hung toilet had been smashed!), a tramp stinking of urine & excrement got in, some of the gatecrashers who looted stuff had been involved in the ealing riots

 Remarkably there were no complaints from the neighbours despite someone smashing up garden chairs and shouting in the direction of the sniper to the sound of The Damned on the two big screens blaring through the 100w marshall speaker in the garden at about 4am. This was followed by the huge home made volcano firework chease radio snuff event – a small radio playing cheasy music was placed at the summit of the volcano which was then let off, unfortunately during the tremendous eruption/spectacle it fell off its chair and burned a large hole in the decking.

At about 6am Nigel Noize finally got round to playing on the loft bedroom stage (9 hours late!). Four people crashed out on Nigel Noize’s circular bed - we

later found that someone had poured beer into it! The Noizombies (a collection of Nigel Noize’s machines playing improvised noise by themselves) played  a 15 hour set in the basement/chillout zone below the party – it finished at about 11am.  The party finally

ended at about 2:30 Sunday afternoon when the last guests left.

Feedback from some of the attendees;

Had a scream at Nigel Noize's party - literally. From the rooftop cage to the cellar where machines were playing themselves, we had a ball!

-       Mutha Hydra

      Hi Nigel, my heartfelt thanks for yr wonderful party! Great shame abt the serious incidents! Why do they want to spoil the best party in town?

        X  Gabriella

      Hi Nigel, Your Parties are the stuff of myth and legend bro! Though I was confined to a wheelchair I was surrounded by great people & was able to watch

      Missy Elliot singing “Get your Freak on” on the two huge screens. Thanks for a great party Nigel. – Robert

      I’ve been going to music biz parties for the last 20 years but never in my life have I ever been to anything like this! – Philip (flautist)

         That was some party. A sniper shot two ppl with airguns in the back garden. A crazy drunk at the front stopped ppl leaving. An automated feedback band in the 3 ft basement. CCTV, fireworks, disco, mirrors and robot. Hammer horror cage dancer. Weedkiller 'firework' that became a large toxic fire. 5am impromptu noise gig in the attic using lego guitar, sander & drill. Got in at 8am. I my crazy life, but today I'll be mostly sitting down and drinking tea.



Preparations are already underway for next year’s event (which will be on Nov 2nd or 3rd – depending on if Noize gets a place in the New York Marathon(Nov 4th)) – the dress code will be combat/warzone/fetish with a lampshade hat, - there will be 2 bouncers, 1 on the door throughout the event, the shield will be 100% complete, there will be a large recording cctv camera pointing at the Green Man Estate, and there will be no loud music in the garden past 12:30am.

Go to for the latest info plus videos & pictures from the previous 11 parties.


PS. The latest news on the search for the sniper; After 4 visits by the police, including firearms specialists the search was narrowed down about 4 houses,

The police obtained a search warrant for the most likely house, searched it & found no evidence, then decided to close the case “because it was too much

trouble to keep searching houses and not find any evidence”. They advised us not to have any more parties or if we do, make a suitable shield and warn

guests about what happened. We will now be informing the Ealing Gazette about this, hopefully a front page story might deter the sniper or cause someone

to grass him up –( we’ll be offering a reward of £200 to anyone who gives evidence which leads to a conviction). A pretty poor show from the police considering one of the guests who was shot still has the pellet in his neck – it’s too close to the jugular

to operate on – the injury could have been fatal!